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Aristocracy stymied corptocracy

European countries do not kowtow to corporations the way the United States does. In the US, the corporations own the politicians and they do the bidding of the plutocrats and the oligarchs — you know, the share holders and board members.

But European countries don’t let corporations run the show. And I wondered why this is.

Could it be that because Europe has had the bad taste in its collective mouth regarding kings and queens through the ages, that when it came time to form democratic governments they KNEW how to construct rules of government that limited the power of the powerful?

In the US, the new aristocracy are the corporate plutocrats that run and pay for government. The Koch asshats, and their ilk. When the corporations were just beginning to become “a thing” in the US, the likes of the robber barons, the train tycoons, the oil and steel magnates (Rockefeller and Morgan) we tried to handle them and the monopolies they formed (as all true capitalistic enterprises will eventually try to do). But when dozens, then hundreds and then tens of thousands of corporations and the power they wielded rose and demanded control of the country, its resources and its wealth — US Citizens had NO IDEA what to do? Why? Because we’d never had tyrants trying to run our lives for century after century.

So, is the United States just an aristocratic victim in the making because there’s no way that the plutocrats in power are going to relinquish that power? Or, like Europeans, can we learn to control the corptocracy?

Passive state, active action

In a prior article we examined passive versus active writing with regards to things vs actions or events.

Now I’d like to consider another nuance with regards to passive vs active voice: That of the state of being.

Everything has state. And it is with the irregular verb “to be” that we most often establish state.

  • The sky is grey.
  • The monkey was screaming.
  • The girls were dancing.
  • The bridge was swaying.

To Be has a veritable plethora of variations of past, present, and future tense, and singular and plural and just a whole pile of combinations of those. But regardless of usage or variation, every instance of the verb To Be is used to establish state.

And that’s OK for things that have certain characteristics of being. Sometimes it’s acceptable to use “is” or “was” or “were” or the other variations of To Be when you have to get people, stuff or surroundings into a scene, into a scene and described.

  • “The cliffs were higher than any he’d scaled before.” Here we’re simply trying to establish the state of these geological features of the scene. The cliffs aren’t doing anything aside from just being.
  • “His hands and face were charcoal black from digging through the burned out husk of the cabin.” Again, his hands and face have state — the state of color — and we just want to get that known to the reader.
  • “The car was destroyed. No amount of repair could return it to working order.” The car has an operational state here and it’s not good. It’s bad, destroyed in fact. We just need to let the world know this.

Sure there might be ways to write these descriptive sentences in the active voice, but I’ll say that some usage of passive voice can be allowed when, again, we’re just trying to establish state.

So in addition to the rule previously mentioned: “when we think of people or things in a story don’t think only of their state — think of what they will do, how they will act.” We have another heuristic: “When describing state, it’s okay to use small doses of passive voice to set the stage, primarily with settings or things that normally do not act or have behavior.”

  • The cliffs were higher than any he’d scaled before. The climb to the top left him terrorized, his heart thumping in his chest, his wrists and knees trembling.
  • His hands and face were charcoal black from digging through the burned out husk of the cabin. He’d tried to save it. Pail after pail he swept from the creek and tossed into the blaze. But the rotten roof and worm drilled timbers fed the fire that consumed the cabin.
  • The car was destroyed. No amount of repair could return it to working order. She stared mesmerized as the great claw of the wrecking crane slammed down through the windows squeezing the top in its talon grasp. Up it lifted the car, the first car she’d ever owned. It swung the car over to the clapper where the crane released it in a spasm of mechanical glee. Down it slammed into the pit which then began to methodically crush her orange Ford Pinto into a yard square, iron trinket for the foundry.

Set the stage with state using “is”, “was” and “were”, and then follow it up with action.



Diabetics and the apocalypse

If you are diabetic, your chances of surviving for more than a month in the coming apocalypse are low to nil.

Thirty million people are diabetic in the United States. If any type of calamity occurs which destroys, suspends, or reduces the supply of insulin, their days are numbered.

From what I’ve read, most diabetics will enter DKA, Diabetic Ketoacidosis, within 48 to 96 hours. If your body can produce some insulin, then it may be possible to extend your after-insulin life by weeks or months by careful regulation of food intake. But in a disaster situation, such foods available may be the exact opposite that those your situation dictates.

An influenza pandemic, a coronal mass ejection, a “winter” of any origin (nuclear or asteroid or super volcano), or other cataclysm inducing event would likely hurt us all, but it’s poignant to realize that those who rely upon daily medication would be susceptible to greater harm due to loss of supplies.

It is the year 12,017

On creating a non-Christian based original year anchor point.

What year is it? 2017? Why? Because some guy supposedly was born *maybe* around this time ~2000 years ago? That sure seems pretty damn arbitrary to me. And it is. And not only that it’s shifted around over the centuries so who knows really what year it is. But maybe it doesn’t really matter WHAT year it is. Time marches on. And we each have our own “zero” year — the year we were born.

But, let’s say we care about the year. What annual anchor point would make more sense, apply to everyone, not just Christians? Yes, there are countless alternative dating schemes that have been proposed. And even many that continue from antiquity, such as the Hindu, Chinese, Persian, Egyptian and so on dating systems.

But again, they’re all rather arbitrary. And not really applicable to everyone. So, what anchor point (and that’s the crux here — when do we start year “zero”) would make a non-arbitrary, all encompassing base for counting time?

Dating the Anthropocene

When did the Anthropocene start? Well, after the last glaciation at least. When was that? Well, when did the Holocene start? Somewhere between 11,000 and 15,000 years ago (although the Holocene supposedly is pinned to 11,700 years before today.)

But back to the Anthropocene; when did it start? If we say that about 12,000 years ago, Man discovered agriculture, and began actively altering the landscape (that is, geology) to suit itself, then if we could pin a specific date, around 12,000 years ago, that would be an excellent candidate for our agnostic dating anchor point.

So, how do you pick a date 12,000 years ago? One way is to use a celestial phenomena, one that can be accurately calculated and firmly established in the past. What if we calculated the exact date that a complete solar eclipse occurred, at the Rose Line, GMT-0, at noon, roughly 12,000 years ago. (GMT because we don’t really want to break the concept of time, just adjust the concept of years starting from zero.)

Now the question is: can we actually extract such a precise date from celestial calculations and records?

In the spirit of this project I sent the following email to Mr Eclipse…

Dear Fred Espenak,
I’m researching a possible reorganization of the concept of year dating.
Today we’re in the year 2017. Which is loosely based on the birth of a man two thousand years ago who may or may not mean something to many of us.
What would be a more appropriate, agnostic date anchoring point?
I’m suggesting, and now researching, using the start of the Anthropocene ~12,000 years ago.
But I need an exact date, all that time ago, to provide the true “zero” day.
I estimate that if a full solar eclipse, that occurred around that time, which darkened the skies above Greenwich England (GMT), at approximately noon, then that would serve as an absolute anchor point for starting the years Humanity as existed in its current form.
So, is there a way to extrapolate such a date?
Have you done this? And could you share such a date?


We’ll see what he has to say. If you know of a way to calculate such a number… care to share it?

Fake Meat – a collection nexus

This is a collection nexus for fake meat, lab meat, Heme meat, engineer meat etc.

The comments will contain various references as I find them.

I’ve done everything I can

What happens when “you’ve done everything you can”?

As of this writing, every one of the abhorrent people Donald Drumpf has selected for his cabinet have been confirmed. Despite millions of dollars of time spent by Democrats to stymie the appointments — every one of them went through. And no doubt the remainder will proceed apace.

The Democrats in the Senate should have gone on vacation; gone to Rio or Bermuda or to party in Sydney. The result would have been the same. They knew going in they had a rat’s chance in a tent full of terriers of blocking any of the nominations. The only saving grace is the judicial branch finally standing up and going “Uh, I think we have a say in some of these ExecOrds that the Drumpf is tossing out like paper airplanes.”

And that’s at the top, the Senate. The epitome of our governing body.

What can WE possibly do down here? Protest? Whine in the streets?

Some will say the Democrats in the Senate put forth a solid effort. That all the protests — against the egregious ExecOrds that spontaneously organized and the MSM covered — had impact.


Not a god-damned-thing-changed because *Democrats or protestors*.

It’s abundantly clear what we have to do. The people in the Blue States have to infect the people in the Red States with enlightenment. Our ONLY recourse is to change the governing representatives at the CITY, COUNTY, STATE and FEDERAL levels. But not in our /already/ blue states! We have to change the governments and representatives in the BLEEDING RED STATES!

Whining in the streets in Seattle, SF, Portland or New York won’t do a fricking thing. We need to change the backwards, countryfied, ultra-religious, Luddites  who live in the RED states! We need to reach out and infiltrate and infect the Righteous Right with the Rational Left. Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Carolinas, and all the rest all need to realize the BIG-ASS MISTAKE they made by believing in the Orange Buffoon.

No shit inequality is stifling the country. No shit corporations are gouging the populace and controlling government. No shit that the economy benefits only the top 10% of society. No shit that corporate provided healthcare costs way too much. No shit that the financial industry doesn’t give two fucks about you or me or anyone with an income less that $100k. No shit that labor has been hobbled by the myths that a free market will provide for all. No shit that the military is an enormous drain on the US budget. No shit that the country’s infrastructure needs hundreds of billions of support (that could come from repatriation of foreign corporate profits).

It’s a shit world but the only way to change things is to change our government representatives. And the only way to do that is to get the RED states to see the light (and not the orange tinged dark that Drumpf sold them).

Nothing wrong with suicide

Why Suicide Keeps Rising for Middle-Aged Men

“Suicide rates in the U.S. continue to rise, and working-age adults – particularly men – make up the largest increase, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Middle-aged men in the 45 to 60 range experienced a 43 percent increase in suicide deaths from 1997 to 2014, and the rise has been even sharper since 2005. Untreated mental illness, the Great Recession, work-related issues and men’s reluctance to reach out for help converge to put them at greater risk for taking their own lives. And because men are more likely than women to use a gun, their suicide attempts are more often fatal.”


Does no one realize that this may be the inevitable evolution of humanity?

Let’s face it. The Universe IS ABSURD! The reason for its existence is utterly unfounded. And, ipso facto, if the Universe is pointless anything within it is, by association, also pointless. Now don’t give me your bullshit arguments about any contrived reasons for existence — they are, by definition, contrived. Dreamed up. Fabricated by an overly large brain of an aberration species that just happens to be humanity.

Humanity is an accident brought forth in a chaotic stew of happenstance, all bound within a system of physics and phantasm that is this spontaneous creation that is the Universe. And if you THINK you’ve got a purpose, well, you undoubtedly dreamed it up, created it for your own purposes (or rather for DNA’s purpose, unbeknownst to you) to convince yourselves that life is worth living. That thoughts of suicide are an illness. Bullshit!

Suicide is simply the realization that, yes, the Universe is without purpose — AND THERE’S NO WAY YOU CAN PHILOSOPHIZE YOUR WAY OUT OF THAT FACT.

So, middle age men (me) are killing themselves more often? NO SHIT! It’s called achieving a higher understanding of the realities of existence — of which there are none. It’s intelligence, the attainment of the ultimate transcendent frame of mind. Not an illness. The only fucking reason I’m still typing this shit is that I’m a fucking coward. I’m a fraud. And the thoughts that bubble forth between unpacking the pistol, loading it with shells, finding the right time and location to vanish from existence — choke my resolve.