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Who would love to create an app that keeps drunk drivers off the roads?

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers — that’s who.

We don’t need no UBER to commandeer the entire ride sharing economy. Lyft? Yeah, Lyft this!

What MADD might want to do is build their OWN app and offer DEALS through BARS around the world to get the app onto people phones and to provide a discount for app users IN THE BARS! Alcohol is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP – and bars can afford to pony up a discount or three to those who use the app and hire MADDrivers to drive them home.

Mobile App for Drunk Drivers MADD!


Digital media, all for $0.10

Here’s an interesting way to bill, buy, rent, sell digital songs:
Price them at 10 cents, first use.
9 cents, second use.
8 cents,
1 cent from then on, forever for a specific user.

Movies? Start at 50 cents. Then go to
40 cents
30 cents
20 cents
10 cents and keep it at $0.10 forever for that specific user.

Users who “buy” a song for 10c get a deal sure, but songs that a user listen to over and over, the user will pay a penny each time.

It’s all marketing. Would you pay 10 cents for a song? Of course. A dime? Hell yeah.

Would you pay a penny (eventually) to listen to it over and over? A PENNY? No problem.

Pay to use models:
Metered parking spots.
Toll roads and bridges.
Bus, ferry, taxi, airlines seats.
Tickets for concerts, ball games, dinner shows, movies.

Wouldn’t it be cool that the more you used something, the less you paid for it? Until eventually you pay just a fraction of the original fee.