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Wealthy dream of wealth?

When I dream I dream poor, struggling and oppressed. I’m floundering in some quagmire or combating assailants who are set to deride and abuse me. Not always mind you, but mostly.

I never dream I’m powerful. Or privileged. Or special in anyway.

Do the wealthy dream they are wealthy? Haughty and elite? Do they strut around in their dreams giving orders expecting them to be obeyed? “Remove that filthy animal from my sight — at ONCE!” “I would never be seen wearing THOSE shoes…” “Is it possible for me to get ONE GOD DAMNED SLICE OF CAVIAR TOAST WITHOUT SOMEONE SPITTING ON IT?!”

People’s life stations must surely influence their dreams. Their environment providing the context of who they see themselves as when they dream.

Or does media, their reading, their daytime dreams and hopes influence them more? “I vow to be the best TSA Agent in the airport today!” And then dream of foiling a bombing attempt…

I never seem to dream of success. There’s always contention with my efforts in my dreams. You? Do you dream of a life of luxury and ease? Or what?


Who would love to create an app that keeps drunk drivers off the roads?

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers — that’s who.

We don’t need no UBER to commandeer the entire ride sharing economy. Lyft? Yeah, Lyft this!

What MADD might want to do is build their OWN app and offer DEALS through BARS around the world to get the app onto people phones and to provide a discount for app users IN THE BARS! Alcohol is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP – and bars can afford to pony up a discount or three to those who use the app and hire MADDrivers to drive them home.

Mobile App for Drunk Drivers MADD!

Chromecast + Home = Present

If you had a Chromecast plugged into your TV, and a Google Home…

And if I had the same…

Then maybe they should be able to talk to each other. You know, telepresence. Call it Google Present.

And if every household (probably in their kitchen) had a setup like this — we could all “Hangout” together, all the time, that is, never off. We could always be connected.

“Hey G-Home, is my Dad home?”
“Hey son…”
“Hey Dad. Did you see what Sis’ sent me?”
“No, what was that?”
“Here, hold on. Hey G-Home, call up sister Kassandra.”
“Hey brother, what’s up? Oh, I see Dad’s here too.”

And so it would go. All the tech is there. it just needs to get connected and packaged right.

Google Present — my present to google.

Typical Microsoft – threats!

“Your account is inactive. Sign in to keep access to your files.


Don’t lose your important files

We noticed you haven’t used your OneDrive account in a while. If your account remains inactive, it may become locked in the future.
A lot can happen to your devices. With OneDrive, if you forget your laptop in a taxi or drop your phone in a puddle, it doesn’t mean losing valuable work and photos.
Sign in and continue to use OneDrive to avoid losing your files.

You’re receiving this email because you have not logged into your OneDrive account for more than 60 days.”


I just happen to be reading Lawrence Lessig’s The Future of Ideas. In it he depicts all the strong arm tactics Microsoft used to stymie innovation in the computing / internet world.

Why should we expect anything better from such a company?


Unexpected latitudes…

Unexpected latitudes…

None of Florida is in the tropics. And none of New Zealand. But half of Australia is. And parts of China too.

Iceland is not above the Arctic Circle.

Paris is farther north than Seattle.

Cambridge England is as far north as the northern most tip of Mongolia.

Edinburgh Scotland is farther north than the southern tip of Chile is south.

The southern tip of Africa is the same distance from the equator as Los Angeles.

Denver, Philadelphia, Madrid and Bejing are all about the same distance north.

Nice, France is farther north than Vladivostok, Russia. And is farther north than Tasmania is south.

Diabetics and the apocalypse

If you are diabetic, your chances of surviving for more than a month in the coming apocalypse are low to nil.

Thirty million people are diabetic in the United States. If any type of calamity occurs which destroys, suspends, or reduces the supply of insulin, their days are numbers.

From what I’ve read, most diabetics will enter DKA, Diabetic Ketoacidosis, within 48 to 96 hours. If your body can produce some insulin, then it may be possible to extend your alter-insulin life by weeks or months by careful regulation of food intake. But in a disaster situation, such foods available may be the exact opposite that those you need.

An influenza pandemic, a coronal mass ejection, a “winter” of any origin (nuclear or asteroid or super volcano), or other cataclysm  inducing event would likely hurt us all, but it’s poignant to realize that those who rely upon daily medication would be susceptible to greater harm due to loss of supplies.

Phone are like cars

Phones are like cars, there are new models every year and nobody cares.

The new iPhone 19 is out! Nobody cares.

The new Samsung Universe 14 is out! Nobody cares.

The new Nexus, LG, HTC, Huawei X-Y-or-Z is out! Nobody cares.

Phones are like laptops are like desktops are like cars are like shoes, there are new models every year and NOBODY CARES!

Hey, Technology Media — nobody cares about new phones anymore. So quit harping, hawking, hollering about them!

All these phone manufacturing companies — they’re becoming the car companies of the 1970’s and 80’s. General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, and the others tried to come up with exciting new models every year and tried to engender ALL NEW EXCITING features, but you know what, it doesn’t work anymore.

A car is a car is a car is a car. And guess what?
A phone is a phone is a phone is a phone.
And NOBODY cares about your new ANYTHING!

You’re all producing COMMODITY products now. Phones are like washing machines now. Power-drills. Sewing machines. Blenders. Coffee-makers. Read my lips — COMMODITIES. Quit trying to make them MORE than they are. They’re not. They will never be again. Sorry. But you could slap any ol’ name on a phone now and nobody would care! Sorry, but your time is OVER as innovators. You had your chance and it’s OVER!